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World champion Scottish Drummer

Drummer for Bleary & District Pipe band

The harness is absolutely awesome, the support and the playing position are excellent. I used the harness at the solos, I found the whole day was less strenuous compared to other harnesses/ carriers ...

Drummers, treat yourselves with a PhysioDrum harness!

Following the extensive research by an osteopath who is also a drummer, PhysioDrum developed the first ergonomic snare drum harness that brings comfort and Performance.

The PhysioDrum harness’ unique back-plate design results in an evenly distributed load across your body, reducing tendinitis and back pains. When you use the PhysioDrum harness, the player's posture is corrected so that he can play for long hours without any pains.

The PhysioDrum carrier exists in 2 versions:

Our ergonomic drum carrier has been widely used in Bagads or Pipe Bands and we have started selling some to brass bands, harmonies and marching bands.

AFU SAS can offer you tailor-made adaptations in order to use our harnesses with other musical instruments: multi-toms, keyboard & other installations (even non musical tools).

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