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Ergonomic harness for snare drum

The PhysioDrum harness results from the expertise of a specialist in the human body (osteopath) and also a 1st category snare drummer.

The PhysioDrum harness results from the expertise of an osteopath whose skills have made it possible to create a rigid harness, effectively distributing the instrument weight on the drummer's body.

The PhysioDrum drum carrier is composed of a belly plate and a back plate connected by adjustable tubes in length and width to adapt to different body types.

The thorax is completely free, allowing optimal placement of the shoulders and arms. The drummer will gain comfort when playing with it.

Adjusted to each drummer, the drum harness allows:

  • An ergonomic standing position without effort

  • A freedom of the arms

  • A freedom of breathing

  • A comfort when playing long hours

Our ergonomic harness has been used mainly in Bagads and we are starting to sell it to brass bands, harmonies and marching bands.

Technical details and characteristics

Harnais PhysioDrum sur batteur de caisse claire

The advantage of the PhysioDrum harness is it offers multiple adjustments, thus adapting to each drummer' body:

  • Height and depth adjustment of the support plates

  • Height and side adjustment of the shoulder pads

  • Foldable shoulder pads that adapt to the shape of the shoulders

  • Adjusting the drum tilt

PhysioDrum harness:


  • S: <1.65m

  • M / L: between 1.65 and 1.90m

  • XL:> 1.90m or large built

Weight: 2.4 Kg (in size M / L)

Composition: aluminum, vario polymer clip, plastic foam 3.3kg / m3

Price: Please contact us

Download the PhysioDrum body harness data sheet

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