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Ergonomic harness for bass drum

The success of the PhysioDrum snare drum harness prompted us to develop a model for bass drum players.

Following the success of the PhysioDrum snare drum harness , we have developed a bass drum harness that incorporates the principles of load distribution to ensure comfort for the bass drum player.

The PhysioDrum Bass Drum Harness is equipped with quick release clips making it easy to install and remove the bass drum by its own.


A height adjustable support plate has been placed on the stomach plate to accommodate the bass drum.


The harness allows to adapt to the different body types of the players since it is adjustable in length and width.

Adjusted to each drummer, it allows:

  • An ergonomic position without effort

  • A freedom of the arms

  • A freedom of breathing

  • A comfort when playing with it

Bass drum harness used by Lann bihoue

Technical details and characteristics

Bass drum harness used by St Malo Bagad

The advantage of the PhysioDrum bass drum carrier is it offers multiple settings thus adapting to the drummer's body:

  • Height and depth adjustment of the support plates

  • Height and side adjustment of the shoulder straps

  • Foldable shoulder pads equipped with quick release clips to secure the bass drum

  • Height adjustment of the bass drum support plate

PhysioDrum Bass Drum Music Harness:


  • S: <1.65m

  • M / L: between 1.65 and 1.90m

  • XL:> 1.90m or large built

Weight: 2.6 Kg (in size M / L )

Composition: aluminum, vario polymer clip, plastic foam 3.3kg / m3

Price: Please contact us

Download the PhysioDrum bass drum harness datasheet

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