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About us

PhysioDrum is the first ergonomic harness for drummers created and manufactured in Brittany (FRANCE).

Eric Ward et Antoine Stéphan créateur du harnais PhysioDrum au Worlds Glasgow

Eric WARD and Antoine STEPHAN at WORLDS Glasgow 2017

The Creator - Antoine STEPHAN

As part of his studies of art medicine in Osteopathy, Antoine STEPHAN, a drummer at Bagad Quic-en-Grogne in St Malo (and former player at Cap Caval) has carried out a research to develop the first ergonomic harness for percussions to improve comfort and performance. In 2010, the first PhysioDrum snare drum carrier was born.

Collaboration with AFU SAS

In 2012, Antoine STEPHAN collaborated with the company AFU SAS to launch the manufacture of the snare drum harness : prototyping phase, pre-series and series production.

Business taken over by AFU SAS

In 2017, AFU SAS bought the business in order to increase sales and develop new products. Antoine STEPHAN is always present to give us his advice as an osteopath and drummer.

Launch of the ergonomic bass drum harness

In 2018, after tests with 3 Bagads: Lann Bihoué , Cap Caval and Quic-en Grogne , AFU SAS launched the PhysioDrum harness for bass drum.

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